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Terms of agreement

Terms of using this page is including but not limited to the following terms:

This page is currently on an alpha stage that means that anything can break at somepoint.

This page is a reference where the information have been collected from several sources, the sources may or may not be 100% accurate and any information collected from this site shoud be treated as such.

Prices and store information are both collected manually (by humans), automatically (by machines programmed by humans), and store owners (also humans), asume that information might be faulty if this site states something different than the actual store. This is based on the fact that humans make mistakes and sometimes it is not important to update the information on this site the same time the store changes the information.

Also asume that the store might remove products change prices add prices that is beyond our control. In that case refere to the stores pages for the correct information.

This site is at no point liable for loss of any kind in affiliation with it's use.

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