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What is this page?

This page is made because i saw a lot of questions about "where can i find product x?", "what store have y?" and "is product x better than product y?". Along with that the future plan is to expand the search tool so you can add requirements to what you want to find what products is available.

Do you sell anything?

No we dont sell anything only tell you where you can buy the part you are searching for so you don't have to search every store for the product you need.

Does it cost money?

Right now the page is free - and is funded by adds on the page. I will not ask you to disable your adblocker if you have it installed, but have in mind that servers are not free.

There is considerations about expanding the stores possibilities to inprove their placement depending on a paid fee. But right now the page is free for both stores and users.

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